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What Should I Do After University?

Whether you’re at University for 3 years or more, one thing is inevitable, University isn’t forever. Transitioning from Uni life to the world of careers can be a time when most students go from having a structured routine (one that you may have stuck to since your younger years) to in one swish movement, being thrown out in to the big wide world of you making the decisions and deciding on what career path to take.

Decide on where you want to live-

After sometimes up to 3 years away from home, it can be nice to go back, settle down and know that you have the comfort of your family around you to offer support whilst you plan out what your next step is.

If this isn’t what you want to do- some students opt for staying in the city where they’ve studied, living with either friends made throughout University or moving in to a flat share.

Work on your cv

Yes it can be boring, but you’re looking to stand out from thousands of other graduates who’ve just finished University as well. This document represents you, so take time on it. Plan it and make sure you promote yourself in the best light possible.

Find a graduate job-

There are lots of benefits after you graduate if you go down this route- most companies offer level entry graduate jobs but make sure to look for companies that offer career progression. Your first point of call should be to speak to your University careers advisor. They can provide advice for what is out there. They can also help if you aren’t certain on what career options are right for you.

Volunteer/Gain work experience–

Get some work experience under your belt. This could be in the career you wish to go in to or an alternative career choice. For one this will look great on your CV and another, you’ll have time to decide on whether this is the career you want to take. More companies are starting to see there is more to University than whether you get a first or 2:1 it can also be about experience, especially the life experience you have.

Complete a postgrad course-

If you’re thinking of carrying on your study career, maybe take a look at doing a PostGraduate degree. You don’t have to stay at the same University to complete a PG course, you can move abroad if preferred (another plus to put on your CV).

Whatever you choose to do- Don’t panic

There are tonnes of options to help you decide on what you want to do. Take advantage of your careers advisors at your University, speak to your tutor or friends and see what they have planned.

Hopefully this has helped make things a bit clearer about what you could possibly do after University. The most important thing is to stay calm, relax and enjoy the journey.


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