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Move In Day Prep

Moving into a new student accommodation can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. You'll be moving to a whole new place and with new people for most of you. It's normal for pre-check in nerves to kick in just as you start to pack your bags. With the right preparation, it can help to calm those nerves and just be excited to start your new journey. Here are some helpful tips to make your move-in day a smooth and stress free experience.

· Before moving in, make sure you have all the necessary documents ready. Have you submitted all the required documents online? If not, make sure you've got these with you at check in for peace of mind as you won’t be able to check in without these. To check your documents status, you can log on to your online portal and select ‘What documents have you returned?’ and you’ll be able to see if there is anything still outstanding.

Here's a reminder of what you need:

documents preparing for moving in student accommodation

· Use a packing checklist to make sure you take all your essentials. Some things are provided in your accommodation but most things you'll need to bring with you. Don't panic if you forget anything as all of our accommodations are located close to shops where you can easily buy anything you're missing. If you're unsure whether you need something, we recommend waiting until you arrive so you can check if anyone else in your flat has this already. Something important? Feel free to check with your site team if this is something we provide.

· Join your Facebook Resident Group to get to know your new flatmates/neighbours before you arrive. This can help with settling those pre-arrival nerves as you’ll get the chance to chat to others in your same situation.

· Book your arrival slot and plan your travel around this. If you're scheduled to arrive out of hours please contact our team to make arrangements for your check in. We book arrival slots to minimise queueing around our sites and help make your experience stress free.

· Nervous about moving to uni? Take some time to meet your flatmates and other residents. Our Resi Life team organise check in parties to give you the opportunity to make new friends and get to know the people you will be sharing your living space with. Keep an eye on your emails and posters around our sites for our upcoming events.

With the right mindset and preparation, move-in day can be a fun and exciting experience. Keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to settling into your new accommodation. We can’t wait to welcome you!


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