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Post Graduation Life

After graduation, the reality for university students can be both exciting and scary. You've completed your studies and you’re now ready to enter the working world as a new graduate. For many students, it will be your first time looking for a full-time job and private accommodation. Unfortunately, the joys of the all-inclusive student accommodation are a rare find post-graduation.

Reality hits when you move out of your student halls, you realise that there's no more student loans due and you are trying to decide whether you want to remain in the city where you studied, go back home or even move to a whole new place. It really is a very stressful but exciting time. This is when you really get to decide what your future is going to look like.

Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

Career Goals It's important to have a clear understanding of your career goals and to seek out job opportunities that align with them. This may involve researching potential employers, attending career fairs, or using job search websites. Networking with professionals in your field can also be helpful. If you haven’t already, we recommend setting up a Linkedin profile. This is a great way to grow your professional network and find job opportunities. Another great way to build your network is to attend career fairs. Take a look at the UK career fairs website, they run recruitment fairs all over the country, allowing you to meet employers in person and hopefully getting you one step closer to securing a new job.

Budgeting Developing a budget and financial plan is crucial for managing expenses and avoiding debt. Consider creating a monthly budget, setting financial goals, and exploring options for paying off student loans and any outstanding overdraft debt. If you're not the best at budgeting there are apps for that such as SNOOP and MoneyHub being amongst the most popular.

Bills In addition to managing finances, you may also need to navigate the challenges of living independently for the first time. This includes finding housing, setting up utility bills and council tax. Check out comparison sites such as GoCompare and MoneySuperMarket. They've very much like comparing mobile phones deals but for utility bills. For Council tax, this will be set by your local council so make sure to register your new or existing address as you'll be charged from as soon as your student status ends.

Reach out for support Many universities have employability services that offer support to their graduates for up to years after graduation. Make sure to check what support is available at your university. You can also contact recruitment agencies who can provide invaluable expertise and support with helping graduates looking for work.

It's important to be proactive in seeking job opportunities, networking, and developing a budget to manage expenses. You may not land your planned graduate job straight away and you might have to get a job you don’t love at first, but that's okay. It can take longer than expected to get to where you want to be. The trick is to be consistent and open minded, but also don’t give up on your goals. Be positive and you’ll find new opportunities become available. Graduation marks a significant milestone so be proud of your achievement and look forward to the next phase of your life.

Thinking of post grad study? There's always the option to continue your studies and specialise or go on to study something new. Whatever your plans, we've got you covered. All of our properties offer accommodation to students in all year groups so you'll always have a place to stay while at university.


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