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Things To Do In Self Isolation

Whether your self-isolating or social distancing we wanted to show how making the most of this time staying in can be just as productive and fun as going out. We’ve added tips to keep boredom at bay. Look through and see if any could work during your down time.

Watch Some Of Your Favourites

With thousands of hours of shows just a click away and Disney Plus becoming available, take some time out to watch some of your favourite movies or all episodes of that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch. It’s fine to take some time out and have some you time without feeling pressured to have to do everything.

Spring Clean

Whether you’re at home currently or still on site, look to reorganise your room. Take a look at the clothes in your wardrobe, change the room around, get organising your work space.

Work Through That Reading List

If you’ve always wanted to read a bit more, now is the chance to make a list and get working through it. There are some brilliant suggestions that can be found here through Vice magazine. Download books, magazines and much more through Kindle which can be found on most app stores. If you aren’t a big reader, try Audible instead.

Attempt A Crossword

We’ll be making these to send out to our students over the next few weeks to keep you entertained, so keep an eye out. But if you’re up for further challenges visit Puzzle Prime.

Get Moving

We know having to stay in doors can be tough, especially on your mental health. But a bit of exercise each day can really make a difference to how you are feeling. Check out Joe Wickes for his free exercise videos happening daily or Yoga with Adrienne to keep you going.

Make Some Music

If you’re a music student, get working on some tunes. If you’ve always wanted to play guitar or try out a different instrument now’s your chance. You can find hundreds of guitar tabs here.

Keep In Touch

You can do this daily, a couple of times a week or just whenever you feel like it. Sometimes talking to your close ones can make all the difference if you’re stuck indoors. Talk to people on Whatsapp who you haven’t spoken to in a while- did you lose touch with some of your old friends once you moved to University? Why not get back in contact with them and see how they are getting on. You might rebuild a friendship you once lost.

Discover New Sounds

Make a playlist to share- use Spotify to listen to some old classics and discover some new songs as well.

Explore The Weird And Wonderful World Of YouTube

Explore the weird and wonderful world of Youtube tutorials- always wanted to learn how to code, or speak another language or even work out a quick way to wing your eyeliner, you’ll find out on here. With a lot of video content for you to get through, take the time out to learn something new during this downtime.

Learn Some New Recipes

This is obviously depending on what you have in to get culinary creative in the kitchen. If you’ve always wanted to try a recipe now’s the chance to do so. Get your family involved or find some fresh recipes online. Antoni Porowski is sharing loads of ideas on Instagram currently.

Get Creative

If you’re feeling creative, get drawing, learn some Adobe software work on your creative writing- sit down at your desk or on your bed.

Get Set for Digital Lectures

With Universities moving online to complete student courses, make sure you are set at home or in your room once they go live. Create a workstation, make sure you have everything you need for the lecture. Look to get a group chat going so you can talk to other students on your course about work and see how they are feeling about the new changes.

Whatever you choose to do during this time make sure to look after yourself and others around you. If you do need to talk remember the site teams are available to help along with our wellbeing partners Health Assured.


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