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Living In Your Social Bubble

As we get to the start of another academic year, it promises to be unlike any other. While we assure you we will do our best so that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us, we’re sure you have many questions about what it’ll be like for you on site this year. That’s why here we have tried to highlight some main changes you might notice while staying in your ‘Social Bubbles’.

Before You Get Here

You will only be able to check-in if you have booked a slot with your site using the link that has been sent to your email. If you have not done this already, it is very important that you do so at the earliest.

If you are travelling in from a high risk area as defined by the UK Government, you might be required to quarantine for a period of time when you first get to site. As this guidance and what areas and countries are included on the list gets updated regularly please make sure to look up the latest recommendations right before you travel. You can access this information here

If you do need to quarantine please get in touch with your site team to let them know so that we will be able to make appropriate arrangements.

For full guidance on how to quarantine please refer to your Welcome Guide in your email or on the portal.

What Precautions Have We Took

While we understand that socialising is a large part of the student experience, our priority remains ensuring you are safe at all times. It is for this reason we have decided to have a strict no guest policy within our halls during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This guidance will be regularly reviewed against the general safety conditions and the latest government recommendations. If you wish to socialise with anyone outside your bubble please do so off site or in outdoor spaces of your site.

Fun Activities To Do Within Your Social Bubbles


You could introduce your favourite meals to each other and take turns cooking a couple meals a week into as a flat.


Are you a video or board gamer? How about a classic round of Pictionary? Whatever you’re into you’re sure to find something that everyone likes to make a fun night out of it.


You can either create your own quiz to get to know each other or there are many you can find online. Pubs around the cities have now started organising socially distanced events as well, although as space is limited you would need to book in advance to join in as a team.

Movie Nights

While this one might not encourage talking as some of the other ideas, it might just become one of your favourite flat traditions. Get things going by someone new picking a different film every week. Some popcorn and drinks to add to the cinema experience is highly recommended.


Have fun together finding the best deals for your weekly shop, your new favourite coffee place or your regular night out spot.

Hike Together

Head out into the open and you can make staying active a fun getting to know each other activity as well by visiting the local park or walking trail.

Attend University Events Together

Although university societies might be limiting physical events this year, you can still find interests to take part in that might be to your liking. Speak to your flatmates to see if they would like to check out something new with you or vice versa.

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