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Five nights out that won't break the bank

Well freshers has been and gone and all the amazing freshers events have ended.. so where do you go for a night out that won’t break the bank but is still a fun night?

My Recommendations

1. 42’s – 42’s is a Indie nightclub based in Deansgate. It’s cheap, affordable entry and usually has different themes every night of the week including ‘Skint Night’. 8/10

2. Satans Hollow- Satans Hollow is a Rock/Pop Punk/Metal bar based near the gay village and offers a variety of music. Its affordable however the entry can be pricey depending on the time and is known for having after parties for any gigs going on in Manchester. It also has a cringe night where it plays all the cheesy pop tunes from the 90/2000’s and its regular music. 9/10

3. Bar Pop- Bar Pop is based in gay village and has 2 floors playing all the iconic pop tunes and musical tunes with drag queens hosting! The bottom floor offers cheap drinks on certain nights making it a affordable night out for somebody trying to stay on a budget. 7/10

4. South- South is a nightclub based in Deansgate that is based all around drum and bass music. It is affordable however it is a smaller night club so can become quite full. 6/10

5. Factory & Bloom- Factory is based just before gay village and has 3 different floors covering all different music types, its affordable however to access the smoking area you must pay for a wristband. Another alternative to Factory is Bloom based at the start of gay village and has numerous floors covering all different music types this is a much cheaper alternative to Factory however has a much longer queuing time as its open till 9AM. Factory gets a 6/10 and Bloom gets a 7/10

So where will YOU go on your nights out? Let us know your fave bars and clubs in Manchester!

Till Next Time



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