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Christmas: Student Style

Christmas is a big time for students, its your first year away from home for the festive period and most students don’t return home until late December. So how can you enjoy the festive period whilst in your accommodation?

A lot of roommates like to do something for Christmas with each other as they wont be seeing each other for a few weeks until everyone returns back to their accommodation. Do a mini Christmas dinner together! Cook together as a flat and set it up in your living room/dining area and if you don’t have that do it in the hallway! Get creative!

Another way of enjoying the Christmas season is by decorating. Decorate your hallway and your room to give that at home feeling. Fairy lights and tinsel for your bedroom is a great way of it not being cluttered but giving it that Christmas feel and buying a mini-Christmas tree to pop on your desk is a great way. Get creative in the festive holidays, it one makes it easier being away from family until closer to the date and can also be a nice change of environment.

What are you doing this year for Christmas? Are you decorating your flat? Let us know!



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