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7 Tips For Studying At Home

You’re a University student just in the middle of your current academic year when everything is flipped and changed. You might of had to move home, your studies might of haulted or your University learning moved online for a while in light of what is currently happening globally. Working from home can be a completely different environment compared to being in a lecture theatre. It does have its perks, being in a comfortable low-pressured space but also can offer a lot of distractions, making it easier to procrastinate. To offer a bit of guidance, we have listed below 7 tips for how you can make the most of effectively studying from home.

1. Create A Space

  • Create a space you can use, if possible try not to use the space that’s directly in front of the television which will cause you to get distracted.

  • If you struggle to have a bit of space to yourself, speak to your siblings or parents about how for a period of time per day could the space be used for you alone, without the distraction of others.

2. Talk To Your Course Mates

  • Make sure to reach out to your course mates during this time, if you aren’t sure about a question in an assignment that’s due-reach out.

  • Create a Whatsapp group if you don’t have one for your course already set up. This might be a chance for you to speak to other students who you didn’t talk to that often throughout this year.

3. Take Notes

  • During lectures it can be easy to think ‘I’ll rewind and fast forward certain sections to go over pieces’ but this can take away from actually taking notes. Whilst the lecture plays have a notebook and pen ready to go so you can jot down any ideas, opinions or important points you’d like to raise.

4. Set A Time

  • You should receive a schedule to show when lectures will be happening on line but during time away from the digital classes, try to stick to a routine set time per day to manage your workload. It will make it easier for you to manage certain tasks you have to do, supports your mental health and helps you to detach from the home/uni work life balance.

5. Get Dressed For The Day

  • Try not to slip in to the all day pyjamas hole that can appear whenever you get a day at home. This is one that has been mentioned a lot to everyone who is currently working at home. But it can make all the difference changing from your pyjamas in to jeans and a t shirt. You’ll feel more motivated to crack on with work.

6. Use The Rule Of Three

  • Instead of making a huge list of things you’d like to do whilst at home, set out 3 things per day that you would like to achieve. If you don’t manage to finish everything on the list don’t worry, re-add it to the top of the next days itinrery and go again on making a list of three things you want to try to complete.

7. Don’t Panic

  • Whatever you do, do not panic if you are struggling to get things done at home. This is a big change for everyone so if you are struggling with having to work online from now on, contact your University Support team, speak to dwell staff via email or anonymously get support from our wellbeing partners Health Assured.


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