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6 Ways To Make Your Student Room Feel Like Home

Heading off to uni for the first time can be a bit of a scary process. You’ve got to sort out your finances, meet new people, and get settled into a new city or town. Once you’ve managed to get your head around these things, you’ll quickly find that being a student is one of the most rewarding things that you’ll do in your adult life.

For some people, settling into uni can be the trickiest part of moving out, but making your student room feel like home is one of the best ways to combat those beginning-of-uni nerves. If you’re looking at your new room and wondering how you can make this space a little more personal, look no further, because following these steps will turn that room into a space just for you.

The Cosier- The Better

Your room is your space. It’s where you’re going to sleep and relax when you’ve had a long day of back-to-back lectures (trust us when we say that they aren’t as bad as they sound).

Making your room comfortable is the best way to give it a homely feel. Invest in some extra cushions, pillows, and throws – you’ll feel like you’re back at home in no time at all.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an interior designer, you can make use of colours to create a cosier atmosphere. Okay, so you can’t go and buy a tin of paint and give your room a complete makeover, but you can use cushions and blankets that are darker, more relaxing colours.

Make It Personal

Give your space a personal touch. Bring some bits from home that will make you feel like you’re back in your old room. If you’ve got posters on your wall at home, you might want to consider bringing them along to your new student home. Alternatively, you can make a clear distinction between your old home and your new one by getting some new posters that reflect your interests.

Another way to personalise your space is to bring along a load of photographs from home – this way you won’t feel too far from your family and friends. Supermarkets like ASDA do some great deals on printing your digital photos: the more you buy, the cheaper it gets, and you can even add on frames so you can hang them straight up when you move in.

Lighting is the Key

Knowing what makes good lighting is a life skill that you’ll pick up while you’re at uni. Whether you’re on the lookout for a student flat or you’re looking for your first place after uni, the right lighting can really make a difference. You’re going to want gentle lighting to achieve the maximum chilled effect. You probably won’t be able to make any changes to the main lighting in your room, but you’ll have plenty of plug sockets where you can plug in a table lamp – trip to IKEA, anyone?

Bring That Home Smell Along

You probably won’t realise it until you move out and then return home, but your house probably has a particular smell that you’re used to. This can be a real comforter when you’re feeling a bit homesick, so we suggest bringing along something that reminds you of being at home. For some people this will be a pillow, or maybe it’s your teddy bear from when you were young; either way, pack it up and bring it along,, because it will help you to settle in.

Feel At Home Wherever You Go

All of these steps should help you to make your student room feel like home, but to give yourself a head start, you’ll want to find some accommodation where you’ll feel comfortable and find that sense of family early on. Take a look at our locations to find out more.


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