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5 Easiest Jobs For Students

Receiving the text from Student Finance to say your money is arriving has got to be the best day of every student’s term. Sadly, though, the reality of rent prices soon hits and your bank balance slowly dwindles back to its original bleak figure. When you reach this point in the semester, it may be time to dust off your CV and find a part-time job.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to earn money while you study, keep reading for StudentJob’s 5 easiest jobs for students.


The beauty of tutoring is you can do it both online and in person. Not only this, but you can also choose your own hours and earn a pretty hefty sum for just an hour of work. Fancy yourself as a bit of a mathematician? Try your hand at tutoring GCSE Maths students through their exams. You could receive an average price of £20 an hour… Not bad, right?

If you decide to tutor online, you have the luxury of staying in the comfort of your own home and the chance to brush up on your knowledge of a particular subject. This is one of the reasons tutoring looks so great on your CV: it demonstrates your proficiency in the subject and shows that you are able to take your understanding and use it to aid others. So if you’re looking to impress employers and earn a decent salary, this is the student job for you.

Survey participant

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities for students to earn money. Now we can think, “Why would I leave the house to get a job when I have loads of options right in front of me?” Taking part in online surveys is a great way to bring in additional income, and all you need to get started is access to a laptop or smartphone.

Surveys can be slightly misleading and therefore it is important to take time to read the small print. Taking part in a two-hour project and receiving a £5 voucher for a shop you will never visit isn’t exactly worth it. But if you can find a survey offering monetary remuneration, you’re onto a winner

Become A Brand Ambassador

The perks of becoming a brand ambassador are endless. The majority of companies are now offering competitive salaries for students to represent their brands across universities and events, as well as online. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get experience with your dream company and add an impressive role to your CV.

Having this job could even boost your career prospects, since many firms fast-track brand ambassadors through their graduate schemes. So if you can land a position with your dream company early, this will put you in good stead for when you finish university!

Event Staff

Having an events-and-hospitality job is the ideal role for students! You have the opportunity to meet new people and work in a fun and flexible environment. These roles also offer hours to fit your schedule, meaning you still have time to study and have a social life.

Another great bonus of working in hospitality is the chance you have to earn extra money on top of your regular salary. With waitressing, you often receive tips from customers, which you are able to keep for yourself, so you end up with a little extra pocket money at the end of the month…

Don’t be put off having a student job because of your busy timetable. There are many vacancies out there with flexible hours, perfect to fit into your free time!

Written by Saffron Shergill at StudentJob UK. StudentJob is an online job portal designed to bring students and young professionals in touch with the latest part-time, weekend, and summer jobs in their areas.


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