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The Best Student Bars In Manchester

Manchester is one of the most popular student cities in the UK, attracting people from all over the world. With great universities in the city and another one in the neighbouring city of Salford, it’s no surprise that so many students choose to call it home. We give it about a week before you’re fully integrated into the Mancunian way of life, with its diverse culture offering something for everyone.

The student lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without great nightlife, and Manchester doesn’t hold back when it comes to its bar scene. So we’ve decided to put together a list of our favourite Manchester bars, where you and your friends can enjoy a few drinks.

The Font

Would a list of student bars ever be complete without including the haven that is The Font? There’s a good reason why this spot remains a student favourite – the £2 cocktail. Where else can you get a Tom Collins for a couple of quid?

The Font is tucked away just off Oxford Road, making it the perfect spot for after-lecture drinks. It’s a great place to start a night out, with plenty of activities and affordable alcohol to keep you entertained until it’s time to move on. It also doubles up as a study spot for when you’re doing a bit of work between lectures – it’s probably the only place in the area where you can revise and drink at the same time (although you might not get much done if you mix the two). Plus, it’s literally two-minute walk from our Manchester Student Village (MSV) accommodation on Lower Chatham Street!

The Font also has another bar in Fallowfield, making sure the popular student area has access to its amazing range of beers, cocktails, and food! It’s only a seven-minute walk away from both our Weston Court site, and our The Grafton property.

The Salutation

Okay, so this is more of a pub than a bar, but it’s made the list because it’s owned by Manchester Metropolitan Uni – and it’s not your typical student union. The Salutation is located right in the heart of the uni campus, making it the most convenient place for Man Met students to visit after lectures. It’s reasonably priced and has plenty of choice when it comes to beer and cider.

Following a £235,000 refurb, which restored many of its original features, this has become one of the best places in the city to soak in the atmosphere of a Victorian-era Manchester pub. If that sounds a bit mundane, they host plenty of activities (like quiz nights), and they open their beer garden when the weather gets a bit warmer – making it a lovely spot for a summer drink.

Joshua Brooks

Located just off Oxford Road, Joshua Brooks is a student favourite. With cheap drinks and great music, this bar is a fresher’s dream, with hundreds of students visiting the venue for its club night, Versions.

It doesn’t always have to be a wild night. In fact, it operates as a pub throughout the day, making it a great place to relax and watch your favourite sports. If you’re a real bargain hunter, head down on a Sunday afternoon to take advantage of their two-for-one cocktail offer.

This one is only about a four-minute walk from our MSV accommodation.

Albert’s Schloss

If you’re into your beer, then Albert’s Schloss is the place for you. Styled like a traditional Bavarian bierkeller (‘beer cellar’), this bar draws in a huge crowd on weekends. Although it’s not strictly easy on the student budget, it’s worth a visit. (If you’re ever attending a gig at the Albert Hall, which is literally next door, you should definitely pop in for one or two beforehand.)

Its cosy atmosphere and elaborate drinks menu add to its appeal – and it does get busy, so try to arrive early if you want a seat!

We recommend trying one of their 10 heritage brews, or if you fancy pushing the boat out, see what you think of their alpine cocktails.

Antwerp Mansion

A visit to Antwerp Mansion is a rite of passage for students passing through one of Manchester’s educational institutions. This huge venue is home to some of the best club nights that the city has to offer. The converted mansion house draws large numbers of students every week; with big-name performers and cheap drinks, you quickly forget about the beer-soaked floor, and you lose yourself to the atmosphere.

There’s something for everyone at Antwerp Mansion, with the infamous Rum & Bass event showcasing the best in Manchester’s underground music scene – tickets usually sell out so make sure you buy them in advance!

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