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Best Places To Study & Revise In Manchester

You spend the morning mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead. You tell yourself I’m going to revise today, I’m going to get loads done. You’re pumped up and ready to get to it, only to find all four floors of the university library completely full – we know the feeling. What are you supposed to do now? Don’t worry, Manchester is full of amazing alternative study spots and we’ve put together a list of our favourites.


Sound familiar? It will if you’ve recently looked at our post on the Best Places to Study in Liverpool. Last year, LEAF branched out and brought its rustic charm to Manchester, instantly taking a place as one of the best alternative study spots in the city. If you are the type of student who prefers revising at home, then LEAF is the sort of place for you. It has vintage furniture and a cosy atmosphere that will guarantee you feel settled and ready to work.</P

Located just around the corner from Oxford Road, LEAF is a short walk from Man Met making it an ideal location for revising through the day. You can also keep yourself topped up with a choice of over 50 teas. We recommend you stay refreshed with their Fairy Wings tea – made with wild berries, it should be enough to keep you energised through your studies.

North Tea Power

Situated in the ever-trendy Northern Quarter, North Tea Power is a popular spot for students and bloggers alike. The good Wi-Fi and comfortable furniture is all you’ll need to get stuck into your revision. Their wide selection of cakes and freshly ground coffee will keep you going through the day, and we think their hot chocolate will be a firm favourite for students as the nights get longer (or their mochas, for those of you who need a caffeine kick).

Whether you work best on your own or in a group, North Tea Power will fit you in, but you’ll rarely be alone because this is a dog-friendly coffee shop. So if you’re a sucker for a shih tzu, you might want to make this your next study spot.


You’re probably used to buying a coffee, plugging in your laptop and getting on with some work, and maybe later on you’ll get another coffee and a bit of cake if you’re lucky. This format is turned on its head at Ziferblat: rather than paying for what you eat and drink, you pay for the amount of time you spend there – 8p a minute to be exact.

They cap the cost after four hours, which means you not only get a good revision base for the day, but you can eat your weight in cake in the process. The space is designed for co-working, making it the ideal place to crack on with your studies. The interior is purpose-built to make you feel at home – especially if you like the feel of a vintage living room.

Font Bar

You probably know Font as the home of the £2 cocktail – the place to go if you want to have a drink after uni, maybe even somewhere to start your night off, but have you ever considered using it as a study spot? If you’re struggling to visualise getting much work done in the same place you had one too many Tom Collinses that time, you mustn’t have been in during the day.

You’ll be surprised by how relaxed Font is throughout the afternoon. Their downstairs area is relatively quiet and their coffee is as reasonably priced as their cocktails. Located just off Oxford Road, Font is a stone’s throw away from the Man Met Business School, making it the perfect place for revision between lectures.

Manchester Central Library

If you don’t like the sound of swapping out the uni library for a bar or cafe, why not try another library? Central offers a peaceful retreat from the often hectic uni facilities and its reading room is quiet enough for you to get your head down and do a bit or work.

Its huge collection of rare books might just be what you need to give you the edge in your studies – and where better to revise than Manchester’s building of the year? This Grade II listed building offers a picturesque setting to inspire you while you study, and it’s just a five-to-ten-minute walk from our city centre accommodation.

dwell Student Living: Make the Most of Your Time in Manchester

Whether you study best in a busy atmosphere, or need a more sedate setting, Manchester has something for you. From bars and cafes to award-winning buildings – you won’t be short on places to get your head down and revise in one of the best student cities in the UK.


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