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You Don't Need A Degree To Be Successful

After spending the majority of your life in education, not achieving the results you expected to get into university can feel like a failure. You may have never imagined not going to university and getting that grad job you dreamed of.

The truth is, employers today want more than just your grades. The experience you’ve been through and the opportunities you signed yourself up for are much more valuable in shaping who you become. A degree isn’t necessary to become successful and there are many that have proved it.

Here’s a few names you might have heard of:

Simon Cowell – A music mogul, creator of BGT and X Factor

Simon left school as soon as he could and became one of the wealthiest people in the country by working his way up and making the right connections.

Steve Jobs – Co-founder of Apple

Having always been curious about electronics, Steve dropped out of his studies to engage in his interests of calligraphy and quest for spirituality. He pursued what he was passionate about, until he explored the world of technology and went on to invent the Apple computer.

Bill Gates - Co-founder of Microsoft

Bill left University to start his own business, creating Microsoft only in his twenties. He didn’t feel that finishing his studies was necessary to pursue his dreams.

Mark Zuckerberg – Invented Facebook

This very famous name dropped out of university after launching Facebook. According to Forbes, Zuckerberg is the fifth richest person in the world! No degree necessary.

Lord (Alan) Sugar - Savvy businessman

It’s strange to think that Lord Sugar himself didn’t graduate from university. He doesn’t believe in degrees and thinks that apprenticeships are much more valuable.

Jack Dorsey — Co-founder of Twitter

Jack dropped out of two universities to pursue his idea for Twitter. How’s that for taking a leap of faith!

Walt Disney – The man who made us all believe

Walt left school as an eager teenager wanting to help out with the army. Having always had a passion for drawing, he became a cartoonist in his late teens, eventually building ‘Disney’ as one of the largest media empires in the world. He now holds the record for Academy Awards winning 22 Oscars!

Richard Branson – Founder of the Virgin Group

Richard dropped out of school as a teenager. He struggled with dyslexia and didn’t excel in his studies. He began to work on different projects, eventually finding success and building Virgin Records. He now owns his very own island, talk about goals?!

It goes without saying that all of these people were very successful in their own right, without studying at university. They all had incredible imaginations and followed their dreams with relentless willpower. They have proved to society that having a degree isn’t mandatory for born entrepreneurs. So, as you might be regretting not studying long and hard enough for your exams, think about pursuing those hobbies of yours! You could be the next big thing!




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