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Pancake Toppings You’ll Flip Out Over

Got your frying pans out ready for Pancake Day? Or are you just wanting to find out amazing toppings for when you feel like making them? Then look no further! We’ve put together a list on what toppings you may well know and love, but also some you may never have come across before! Why not try something new?

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Nutella & Strawberries

For all you chocolate lovers out there, this is the one for you!

Just spread a layer of Nutella on the pancake (go as crazy as you’d like, we won’t judge!), then place your freshly-washed strawberries on top.

If you want to go that little bit further and overindulge yourself, why not also spray whipped cream onto it? The topping possibilities are endless!

(Image Credit: Modern Honey)

Mint Ice Cream

Calling all mint-aholics!!!

Whisk, pour and flip your pancake as usual and then once your creation is ready, scoop mint ice cream on top – you could switch this up if you want to and use different ice cream flavours for a total taste sensation!

You could also maybe pour on different sauces and sprinkles for that extra wow factor!

(Image Credit: Cupcake Crazy Gem)

Lemon Curd & Meringue

Are you a big fan all things lemon-y? Well, we’ve got just the topping for you.

All you need to do is spread a generous layer of lemon curd onto the pancake. Then, sprinkle crushed-up meringue on top of the lemon curd, so that it all settles nicely and stays in place.

To top it all off, you can even put extra lemon curd on the meringue – you make it as lemon-y as you’d like different and unconventional way.

Ham, Cheese & Onion

Now then, you may think that having this combination as a pancake topping sounds a little odd! However it is worth you trying, trust me!

It’s just like eating an omelette, but it may taste a little sweeter than expected – that’s its hidden trick!


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