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Top tips for settling into Uni life

Freshers are finally over, and everyone's got freshers flu.. but apart from that WELCOME! One thing we all have in common is we are in a new place with all new people and are just settling into our new lives, well besides me I moved here in 2019.

I thought id give all you freshers some tips and tricks for settling in and getting comfortable with your new flatmates and your new life!


Don't be scared! Don't be scared to drop your family and friends a message if you are feeling homesick, it's perfectly normal. Yes, you are excited about this new journey you are on and being in a new city with so much to see and do but it's perfectly normal to feel homesick. A nice tip is to add something personal to your room that will help remind you of home, this can be photos, ornaments, etc. just something to give it that at-home feel.


Get to know your flatmates! Yes, it may seem awkward and you may be unsure on how to do this but one of the best things to do is make a group chat on WhatsApp/social media to keep in touch and maybe drop a message in inviting them on a night out or for some food, its the perfect way to get to know your new flatmates.


Look for work! Looking for a job is one of the first things you should do, one it gets you out of your flat and ensure some financial stability throughout university instead of just relying on your student loan. For me getting a job gave me the ability to go and do things and meet new people in a city I had no experience in.

Well that's all for now! Keep an eye out for my next post talking about where to go out in Manchester!



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