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Student Recycling Tips

When it comes to recycling in a student accommodation it can often be quite confusing. Here are some tips to follow for recycling and helping the environment whilst being a student:

  • Ask the reception staff what options are available in terms of recycling glass, cardboard, batteries etc.

  • Ensure food items and products you buy are sustainable

  • Ask your university if there is a recycling centre close by

  • Find local art students and offer them any useable materials you have for their work

  • Volunteer in the local community to help remove litter

  • Discuss options for recycling bins in your accommodation

  • Buy different colour bin bags that are labelled for glass, plastic and carboard etc. so when the rubbish is sorted through in the chute its easier for them to organise and recycle

Recycling and ensuring products you buy are sustainable really does make a difference, yes it may not be a huge difference, but you are still doing something to limit the effects on society.

What do YOU do in your accommodation to ensure you're recycling and being sustainable? Let us know!



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