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7 Reasons to Study in Newcastle.

Home to our most northern dwell property, Newcastle is a vibrant and diverse city offering many attractions for students. If you’re a fun-seeker, thrill-lover, culture-vulture or just love it all, Newcastle is the place for you. We’ve listed 7 reasons why this September you should study in Newcastle.

While some of these activities might be affected this year due to the pandemic, we are sure providers are working on alternatives to provide enjoyable experiences to all in a safe manner.

1. The Universities

With both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities consistently being ranked in the top UK places to study and with an estimated 45,000 students making the choice to study in Newcastle every year, you can be assured that the city is set up to make students just like you feel at home and part of the community.

2. It’s Student Friendly

Newcastle is one of the most affordable student cities to live in. The city has a high population of students so you’ll have many a chance to bump in to new faces and make new friends around the city as well as on campus.

3. Everything is in easy reach

Our property is well placed in between the hustle of city living, giving you the freedom to be able to walk through the city centre in under 20 minutes. So whether you want a trip to the Quayside or fancy a shopping trip at Eldon square you’ll be there in no time.

4. Lots of Culture

Famous for the seven bridges, Newcastle is packed full of rich history, famous sporting grounds and a thriving scene for popular culture. If you fancy an art exhibition check out the Baltic centre or the Great North Museum, want to see the latest artists they’ll no doubt be performing some time at metro radio arena or the o2 academy. Or if you’re a bit of an outdoorsy person then take in the world famous Hadrian’s wall. The place is buzzing with eye opening experiences.

5. The Food

There is a huge variety of food options in Newcastle, whether you’re looking for student friendly or something a bit more up market, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Famous for stotty cakes and their chicken parmo. Make sure you take the time to try out the Geordie delicacies whilst you stay up here.

6. The People!

You’ll soon notice the wonderful Geordie accent on your stay in Newcastle. Voted previously as one of the happiest cities in the UK you’re bound to be in good company in this feel good city.

7. The Night Life

Newcastle has a variety of night life options, so whether you’re looking for a night out in a bar or fancy a chilled one in a café this city has got it. The Quayside is a popular student area with cocktail dens or real ale clubhouses available with all being in easy reach of each other.

Newcastle has something for every type of student; find out more about this great city in our The Best Places to Study & Revise in Newcastle.


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