New Year’s Resolution: Ideas & Tips

New Years Resolutions are always something I tend to take part in, however I don’t set myself ridiculous goals that I either don’t have the time or capability to do due to working and university.

My Resolutions this year are:

- Complete ALL my assessments on time

- Take 1 day a week to self pamper: e.g. Go to the cinema etc.

- Save £600 by the end of the year doing the penny saving method

- Find a new hobby

Tips on how to pick YOUR New Year resolutions

- ­Pick a resolution relating to self care: It is ALWAYS important to spend some time focusing on you!

- Pick something that will add to your life like a new hobby/skill

- Do something that will benefit you financially. ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A STUDENT

New Years Resolutions are meant to be fun, challenging and unique to the individual so do something this year that will help you learn, grow and obviously have fun!