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How to prepare for going home at Christmas!

Going home at Christmas is always exciting as you’re getting to see your family and friends at home and are celebrating Christmas together.

Preparing to go home differs depending on how long you’re planning to go home for. Speak to your family and decide the length of time you’re roughly wanting to stay so you can notify your place of work and pack the appropriate things you need to take home! Always ensure you take enough clothes and pack anything you may need for your time at home such as charging cables, laptops, gaming consoles etc. and the necessary accessories for these items.

-DON’T PACK LAST MINUTE! Packing last minute is the worst thing because once your home you can’t come back for something you have forgotten.

-Take any washing home you may have! Going home with a bit of washing is always a smart way to save a little bit of money over the Christmas period.

-Don’t Overpack! You're only going home for Christmas and probably don’t need to take much home as you probably left some things at home! Just take what you need.

-Lock away any expensive items! Your accommodation is secure but it's always nice to know that anything expensive or meaningful is locked away in a box or in a safe in your room whilst you are not there. It's a good idea to let your accommodation team know if you're going to be away for more than a few weeks.

-Make sure you take any study materials along with you, especially if you have exams due in January!

-Check your kitchen and don't leave any fresh food in the fridge or full rubbish bags! You don't want to come back to a smelly flat after having a nice break.

-And finally, if there's any extra food in your cupboards or your wardrobes are overflowing, consider donating your items. Ask at your reception where your nearset donation box is.

Make the most of your Christmas break and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Keep in mind that many students do stick around the accommodation over the festive break, so if your flat mate is staying please be considerate.



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