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How to make meditation a micro-habit

Whether it’s the start of exams, having to perform your final assessment on stage or you’re just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment with everything that’s going on, we wanted to provide a quick micro habit that can help benefit your overall wellbeing in less than 5 minutes. We are talking about the breathy, zenful, Wim Hof loving habit of Meditation!

Finding time to switch off from social media or life in general can be hard at times and this little skill isn’t for everyone but if you give it a try at least once to see what affect it has on your mindset. When we practice, we train the mind to be fully aware of one thing at a time. The result is that our ability to concentrate increases so we can focus that little bit more over time.

How it can improve your wellbeing?

  • It sharpens your focus

  • You can finish tasks more successfully

  • Helps to build skills to manage your stress

  • Increases self-awareness

  • Reduces negative emotions

  • Increases imagination and creativity

  • Increases patience and tolerance

How to make it a habit?

1. Start small, don’t dive in head first to a full 30 minute session- you can meditate in as little as 60 seconds (yes that small a time). Check out our mini meditation drill here.

2. Figure out where it can fit in to your routine. There’s no point in saying I’m going to do it at 6am every morning if you aren’t an early riser. Pick a time that suits you best and try to stick with it. For example when you first wake up, instead of scrolling through your phone try meditating for a few minutes instead.

3. Try guided meditation- it can help to have someone talk you through the session rather than listening to nature music or wind chimes through your headphones. We recommend checking out Headspace or alternatively you can also try Goodful on Youtube.

4. It’s said that it takes 30 days for a habit to stick, so make sure to celebrate if you manage to do this. But If you don’t, don’t be hard on yourself just throw in this new practice where you can.


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