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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Settling into university life can be an exciting yet nervous time. You might be living away from home for the first time which can take a little while to adapt to. It might also mean that you’re living in an accommodation where you may not know anyone just yet.

We’ve listed below a few handy tips on how to be good neighbours to those around you, and which in turn, could help you make those long lasting friendships: Introduce yourself to all those around you

To start off the year ahead, make sure you get to know your flatmates as well as those near you. Even if you are social distancing we have made it easy for you to connect with your

flatmates and others around your site through our social media pages.

Keep an eye out on your emails and around your site for any schedules events, in person or online.

Get involved in helping around the flat

Regardless of whether you like cleaning up around the flat or not, be ready to chip in. Why not try and create a cleaning rota so that you all know you’re getting a fair share of the jobs and know when it’s your turn to get the hoover out?

Be mindful of others

We get it, you’re away from home and you’d like to let loose a bit. Whether this is practicing your favourite instrument, or blasting your tunes loud whilst getting ready to go out, remember that this might cause your neighbours some trouble. So just remember to be respectful of others during your stay.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and remember, get to know your neighbours as they could go on to be lifelong friends!


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