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6 Reasons To Study In Nottingham

1. The Music

While the city might not boast of the same musical pedigree as some of its counterparts in either direction, Nottingham has produced some great talent with the likes of Jake Bugg, London Grammar, Scorzayzee, Bugsey, Lone and Natalie Duncan to name a few. There are a lot more upcoming artists to check out at the venues dotting the city. If you’re still wanting more music in your life then make your way to the any music festivals through summer, including Detonate and Splendour.

2. The Culture Let’s get it out of the way first. Yes, you should absolutely check out all the Robin Hood sites cause they’re amazing. Cool, then what next? Nicknamed the ‘Soho of Nottingham’, Hockley is the unofficial cultural centre of the city. Lined with a number of independent coffee shops, bars, restaurants and vintage clothes stores, you can easily spend a leisurely day here. If you’re feeling extra creative check out the Broadway cinema, a unique arthouse cinema showcasing the best work from around the world. If the many museums and parks don’t keep you too busy, treat yourself to a bit of retail therapy and be part of the city’s shopping culture at Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh.

3. The Food

While you’ll easily find all the usual restaurant chains dotting the city, Nottingham’s independent food scene has really perked in the last few years. Eating on a student budget or splurging for a special occasion options are plenty. Our recommendations to not miss are The Pudding Pantry and Happy Dough Lucky.

4. The Nightlife

You could spend years here as a student and still bump into new places for a night out. That’s the best part of having a diverse range of hidden cocktail bars, proper local pubs and large mainstream clubs all within walking distance in the city centre. We recommend checking out Rock City, famed for its student club nights and live gigs.

5. The Ice Hockey Football and cricket are probably the two most popular sports in the city, with Nottingham Forest and Nottinghamshire County CC both having large followings of their own respectively. But it’s the ice hockey that you must definitely not miss while in the city. Not many British cities have a ice hockey team to begin with and we’re lucky to have the Nottingham Panthers, one of the biggest and most successful teams playing at the NIC. For many this could be a great first-time unique experience.

6. The Universities If being in a student friendly city is a big factor for you when choosing where to go then look no further! Over 60,000 students attending the city’s 2 main universities will attest to that. To cater to this large student population there are a number of incentives available to you throughout the year from student bus and tram passes, club nights, discount lock-ins and university societies for almost anything you could think of.

Finally, if you need a place to stay whilst at university then check out dwell student living and our excellently located Archer House and Castle Gate Haus site. To find out further details just click here!


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